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About Why Henz

Our Professional Values.

17 Years of Experience

17 years of Design Experience

Henz is a design agency in Malaysia with over 15 years of experience that always keeps consistent quality with top-level inspiration.

World-class Mindset

World-class Mindset

We work with a world-class mindset to pursue the international level for every aspect of design quality for Malaysia's industry and other countries' clients.

Work with heart

Motivated by Passion for Art

We love designs and have a strong passion for art as much as how we dedicate consistent quality to every design project and design portfolio.

No outsourcing

2 Persons without Outsourcing

We dedicate our projects transparently without outsourcing them to maintain the quality of work, better communication, and lower cost.

Unlimited changes, free source code, free stock images

High-Value Features

Our cost-saving packages include unlimited change, free 6,000 stock images, and free original project source code for future updates.

Study ConsultLeadDesign

We study & research the design project

We Study

We study and research the clients' industry and Malaysia's design trend and explore their rivals to collect all necessary resources.

We consult with new concept and idea for better impression

We Consult

We consult to impress our clients with presentable designs and creative ideas to evoke and unlock the power of the brand to pursue a new level of the business.

We lead the whole project in the precise art direction

We Lead

We lead the project with our precise art direction and new conceptualization to building a sustainable corporate image in the relevant industry and market.

We design and deliver artworks with emphasis, balance, contrast, and other design principles

We Design

We design and conceptualize according to the art direction with emphasis, balance, contrast, and other design principles to deliver a new impact.

Design & Style

Contemporary Design in Strong Corporate Style.

Instead of separately hiring a web agency for the website, and another graphic design agency for the print marketing collateral, Henz Studio offers a one-stop design service that covers web and print media design such as company profiles, catalogues, brochures, business cards, letterheads, posters, photoshoot, video shoot, printing, etc.
Graphic Design Portfolio

Graphic Design PortfolioCorporate design style for brochure, company profile, leaflet, catalogue, website, name card, uniform

Synchronization of Design

Strong Corporate Identity with our Corporate Identity Design.

With our design services in company profiles, brochures, and the web, we strongly lead all the designs of our client's marketing collaterals and websites to inherit the same corporate identity. The result will effectively level up our client's branding by matching all the designs with a proper and sustainable corporate identity.
Corporate Identity Design

Corporate Identity Design PortfolioCorporate Identity Design and with corporate profile, website, leaflet, folder, name card, for new branding

Benefits & Bonuses

Our Cost-Saving Packages.

We include the bonuses that most design agencies could not provide, such as free hi-res stock images used in the design and free artwork source code for future editing. These are our assets that make the price affordable at all times.
Case Studies

Bonus with free working files and source code, free stock images from 6,000 collection

Free Services

Unlimited Change for Project Finalization.

Unlimited change is part of our complimentary services to help our clients with the numerous changes in content during production. It's a great flexibility that our clients have no concern about the cost of paying for more changes, especially on demanding to alter their content during the progress of projects.

Complimentary, Free Service, Bonus with unlimited changes