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Who and why he is called "Professor S"?

Passion is one of the powers in our life can drive us to do and achieve something to be the best. Well, everyone knows this, and come across a lot of good examples such like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and other successful founders. For me in real life, I know a guy called Steven who always has strong passion to do his job when we knew each other in some IT company. From what I know about his background, he's never studied and learned after secondary school graduation, but with his strong interest and self-taught passion about IT, his capability is really "WOW" me a lot especially he can produce some high-end applications, IT solutions, games for PC and mobile, and what really amazes me is he also can invent and produce 3D printing machine which can provide the biggest 3D printing with his electronics skills.

Throughout my long friendship with Steven, I've learned what passion really is and unbelievably it can drive a passionate guy to the peak level that we can't imagine. So that's why he is "Professor S" to me. This is a real story I want to share about a passionate guy how he step-by-step brings his achievements to the peak level in his IT business.

Any enquiries or interest to know more about him, he is reachable at
E: steven.mtechiesworld@gmail.com
M: +6012 294 0878 ( Steven Goh )

 Article by Henz Studio (visit website)

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