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Smart and Handy Folder.

Folders can be 2 or 3 panels in size A4 or larger. Normally, folders are handy to insert leaflets and business cards with a pocket. It’s also the best choice when it comes to the brief content of a company profile in a presentable and corporate way.

Folder Design is applicable for the following:

  • Company Profile / Corporate Profile
  • Service Catalogue
  • Product Catalogue
  • Sales & Marketing kit

Resources about folder

What is a folder?

A folding cover or holder, typically made of stiff paper or card, for storing loose papers.

Why folder is important for your business?

In Malaysia, companies use folders as marketing tools, known as business/company folders. It’s also a presentable marketing tool to introduce your company, product, and services to your new clients. The pocket is very useful to hold extra information in sheets and your business card so the customer can contact you easily.

How to make a business folder?

Ensure folder size is larger than A4 for carrying A4-sized documents.

1. Choose 1-panel, 2-panel or 3-panel

You can decide the total panel up to a maximum of 3 to tailor your folder.

2. Conceptualize and design

Once you have decided on the total of the panel, you can visualize the total space with the number of panels. Then, we can design it with a new theme, graphics, and images and reserve some space for content.

3. Lay out your content

Once you’ve got your design, you can start filling it with your content and editing as you go. Make sure all the texts can fit in the design without compromising the design in nice layouts.

4. Choose your paper and finishing

When you’re satisfied with your folder’s layout and look, choose the paper stock that best fits the style of your folder. We always recommend the thicker paper to make the folder stiffer to hold more sheets in the pocket.

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