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Since Henz Studio started as a company profile design company in Malaysia in 2006, we are experienced to work with branding, typography, balance, style, spacing, and design trends to deliver a contemporary corporate profile design with a leading company image for the client’s industry. Our new conceptualization brings the design concept for a better visual experience that tells your company’s story in attractive visuals to present the corporate profile professionally. Graphic design and engaging visuals can showcase a corporate profile in a booklet or brochure.

How do we make an Effective Company Profile?

A company profile should be brief so it can quickly catch the attention of a reader, especially for a well-designed profile. The content should be structured in such a way that it has a clear beginning, middle, and end.

Company profile design exploration for HisakaSource: Design mock-ups by Henz for HISAKA S.E.A.

The front cover is the first impression of attracting more readers to browse. It’s a crucial stage to evoke the brand identity by starting to wrap it up with an impressive design. We will unlock the visual impact with a professional design theme that suits the industry. For the content, the introduction of your business profile should not be long or drawn out. An excellent introduction will briefly introduce the reader to the section without giving too much detail away. Each page will express attractively in fine layouts, which will make readers want to learn more about the company. Some of the other crucial elements that should be included in your business profile are as follows:

  • Company name and logo
  • Company background
  • Company organization chart
  • Company history
  • Company business nature
  • Products or services offered by the company
  • Company contact details such as HQ and branches

It’s crucial to set the target audience for the company profile. It can be informative with more content across the pages, while we can make it simple with minimal content in a minimalist design style for casual reading. Everything is still flexible for the input of the designer and copywriter. We ensure the result is presentable with a coherent message, well-organized for good legibility, and full of excitement with design.

Wow-Factor by Henz for your Business Profile.

A company profile has an important role as a dominant marketing tool besides being a corporate information document. With Henz’s design direction, we can help you graphically transform the business profile into something stunning with compelling and contemporary designs. With the proper steps and procedures, we can lead you to understand and work with our idea and concept on imposing the company image with our new direction. The art and design direction can be minimalist, corporate, fancy, youthful, vintage, and dynamic to deliver the best result that suits your corporate image. Below are some of our company profile designs that might inspire you.

Wow factor by Henz for company profilesSource: Company profile design projects by HenzCompany Profile Design Portfolio

We Cover Local Clients and Overseas Clients from Different Industries.

We have built strong client networks with Google search, especially for industrial clients from Selangor, KL, Penang, Sarawak, Johor, Perak, and other states in Malaysia. Our design portfolio on our website has also attracted many clients from Japan, China, Korea, South Africa, the US, and Switzerland for our design services. Thanks for the golden opportunity, we have worked closely with the new clients and successfully delivered numerous quality company profiles as they pursued.

Importance of Company Profile to a Corporation and Business.

A company profile describes what makes the company unique, especially company profile design in Malaysia is always highly demanded to craft the company profile to be more presentable. It automatically differentiates the company's brand because no other company has the same founding story and reason for existing that the company does. It also helps in seeking to attract an extraordinary business opportunity. In this ever-changing era, the business world has changed so much that business administration graduates are taught to get the corporate profiles of at least three suppliers for comparison to ensure value-for-money procurement! The professional company profile can maximize the credibility of the brand. Before we design and create a company profile, we need to consider a few vital tips. It includes the following:

  • Complete creativity to build up the brand and public image
  • Updating the corporate information
  • Keeping the information precise
  • Selecting the right platform
  • Aiming to attract the target audiences
  • Listing all your focused objectives

We Identify the Purpose for the Company Profile

Before everything, we help to set the purpose to introduce your company with the necessary details or to approach sales. Also, set the target audience with a better message.

  • Company status and values: Write the business profile to recruit investors or engage customers, and you can include language that describes the company's values.
  • Business performance: You can also use the company profile to describe the business performance, including its revenue.
  • Value of products: Especially if you're writing a company profile for investors, you can use the profile as a marketing tool to demonstrate the products' value among the company's target audience.
  • Target audience: The content should be directional to the right target audience.

We Set the Design Direction, Style, and Format for the company profile.

With our research and study, we help to decide on the design direction, style, and print type of the profile. This can help our client to organize information in a way that's easy to read and appealing to readers. One popular choice for company profile formatting and styling is to have a minimal, clean, simple look in nice layouts.

  • Theme: We make sure the theme inherits the brand identity using coloring, shape, image type, and font type.
  • Style: Many styles can be used from fancy, corporate, classic, vintage, elegant, minimalist, etc. We select the best that suits the company profile in a quality design.
  • Format: Most of the company profile's format is in a booklet, especially in Malaysia's market. But various formats suit minimal contents such as brochures (2-panel, 3-panel, 4-panel) and folder formats.
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Company Profile for Various Industries

A professional company profile shows the business nature of your company and your public image in the market, which is critical for any successful business. It’s a useful tool and visual content for many industries and sectors to attract new clients and investors and promote the corporate image and strengths. With the business profile written and structured correctly, they can also improve the image of your company, making it seem more professional in the eyes of stakeholders (suppliers, shareholders, etc.). Moreover, the information they contain is useful internally, as it helps to ensure the company’s identity, values, and objectives are always at the forefront of people’s minds.

  • Group Company Profile
  • Healthcare Company Profile
  • Corporation Company Profile
  • Manufacturing Company Profile
  • Oil and Gas Company Profile
  • Retailing & Distributing Company Profile
  • Logistics Company Profile
  • Education Company Profile
  • Trading Company Profile
  • Printing Company Profile
  • Information Technology Company Profile
  • Food & Beverages Company Profile
  • Tourism Company Profile
  • Medical Company Profile
  • Agriculture Company Profile
  • Management Provider Company Profile
  • Construction & Renovation Company Profile

Various Formats for Company Profile.

  • Booklet (8 - 12 pages and above)
  • Brochure (1 panel, 2 panels, and 3 panels)
  • Folder with pocket (1 panel, 2 panels, and 3 panels)
  • Interactive Digital format (free offer with a sign-up for company profile design)

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