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What is Company Profile?

A company profile is a professional introduction of your company and aims to inform people (primarily prospective buyers and stakeholders) of your products, services, and current status. In another word, it is a document explaining what your company is and what you do. It is a public-facing document, so one should take care to not include any confidential information, such as private financial details.

Company profile design should be compiled for the readers so that clients can understand how the business works. Company profile allows the business to inform the market what your business is about and how professional in the relevant industry.

A well-designed company profile can effectively portray a strong company image and branding for your company. It is the best way to make a Great First Impression for Potential Customers with our creative design and quality artwork.

Company Profile Design can be in following types:

  • Booklet (8 - 12 pages and above)
  • Brochure (1 panel, 2 panels, 3 panels)
  • Folder with pocket (1 panel, 2 panels, 3 panels)

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