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Marketing Kit Company Profile Design

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Company Profile crafted by Henz.

A company profile is one of the most essential business documents as the first impression to the public that professionally conveys the company introduction and business-related information under a brand theme. Company profile design should be compiled for the readers so that clients can understand how the business works. Company profile allows the business to inform the market what your business is about and how professional in the relevant industry.

Immersive Theme and Characteristic with a Unique Personality.

Henz’s principle always works with branding, typography, balance, style, spacing, and design trend to deliver a contemporary design with a strong leading company image for the client’s industry. Any format of print media either in a booklet or brochure is an artboard to implement the beauty of personality with graphic design and the engaging visual content.

Company Profile Design can be in following types:

  • Booklet (8 - 12 pages and above)
  • Brochure (1 panel, 2 panels, 3 panels)
  • Folder with pocket (1 panel, 2 panels, 3 panels)
  • Interactive Digital format (free offer with a signup of company profile design)

Company Profile Design in Booklet FormClassic & Authentic in Booklet Form

Company profile design in booklet format

Company profile is widely found in booklet type because it looks more comprehensive, well-organized, presentable, and professional as an essential marketing collateral. It delivers more information and a strong impression on multiple pages with more space as artboards to design with graphics and compelling images in a strong branding identity.

Booklet Design Samples
Booklet design

Company Profile Design in Brochure FormPresentable in Brochure Form

Company profile design in brochure format

Brochure format is a flexible print format which can be in 1 fold, 2 folds, and multiple folds as a company profile. It's an ideal format to contain company profile information and other additional products and services information in a professional design. It's one of the most popular and highly demanded formats in the Malaysian market even for big companies.

Brochure Design Samples
Brochure design

Company Profile Design in Folder FormSmart and Handy in Folder Form

Company profile design in folder format

Folder is a smart format that is commonly used as a corporate profile with a brief company introduction and other business information in a well-crafted design. It's also an ideal format to promote company and services, especially for events and meetings. It is always a leading print format with a pocket that flexibly carries any new details in additional sheets.

Folder Design Samples
Folder design

Company Profile Design in Digital FormatAnimated in Digital Format (free*)

Company profile design in digital format

Our digital format of the company profile is free of charge converted from the print design format in ultra-small size for email communication. It features full-screen mode with page transition with an user-friendly navigation menu to make the company profile digitalized in a professional look.
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Digital profile design
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