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Company Profile Design Services in Malaysia

In Malaysia, company profile is one of the most essential business documents as the first impression to the public that professionally conveys the company introduction and business-related information under a brand theme. Company profile design should be compiled for the readers so that clients can understand how the business works. Company profile allows the business to inform the market what your business is about and how professional in the relevant industry.

Immersive Theme and Characteristics for Your Corporate Profile.

Henz’s design principle always works with branding, typography, balance, style, spacing, and design trend to deliver a contemporary corporate profile design with a strong leading company image for the client’s industry. Our new conceptualization brings the design concept for a better visual experience that tells your company's story in compelling visuals to present the corporate profile pages beautifully. Any print format of corporate profile either in a booklet or brochure is an artboard to implement the beauty of personality with graphic design and the engaging visual content.

Formats of Company Profile:

  • Booklet (8 - 12 pages and above)
  • Brochure (1 panel, 2 panels, 3 panels)
  • Folder with pocket (1 panel, 2 panels, 3 panels)
  • Interactive Digital format (free offer with a signup of company profile design)

Company Profile Design in Booklet FormClassic & Authentic in Booklet

Company profile design in booklet format

Company profile in booklet is the most popular in company profile design services in Malaysia because it looks very exclusive, authentic, presentable, and professional for branding. It delivers more information and a strong impression on multiple pages with more space as artboards to design with graphics and compelling images in a strong branding identity.

Profile Design in Booklet Type
Booklet design

Company Profile Design in Brochure FormPresentable in Brochure Form

Company profile design in brochure format

Brochure format is a flexible print format which can be in 1 fold, 2 folds, and multiple folds as a company profile. It's an ideal format to contain company profile information and other additional products and services information in a professional design. It's one of the most popular and highly demanded formats in the Malaysian market even for big companies.

Profile Design in Brochure Type
Brochure design

Company Profile Design in Folder FormSmart and Handy in Folder Form

Company profile design in folder format

Folder is a smart format that is commonly used as a corporate profile with a brief company introduction and other business information in a well-crafted design. It's also an ideal format to promote company and services, especially for events and meetings. It is always a leading print format with a pocket that flexibly carries any new details in additional sheets.

Profile Design in Folder Type
Folder design

Company Profile Design in Digital FormatAnimated in Digital Format (free*)

Company profile design in digital format

Our digital format of the company profile is free of charge converted from the print design format in ultra-small size for email communication. It features full-screen mode with page transition with an user-friendly navigation menu to make the company profile digitalized in a professional look.
* Terms and conditions apply

Download Digital Profile Sample
Digital profile design

Resources about company profile

What is a company profile?

A company profile is a professional introduction of the business which aims to inform the audience about the company’s story, products, and services. It is a key aspect of any company strategy and can be introduced even in a small business. Most company profiles are created to fulfill at least one of the following purposes: to allow potential customers to get acquainted with the company’s values and to inform them about your company’s mission. The most significant factor in creating a company’s profile is to provide potential investors with the company’s mission statement. Most of the time, a company profile includes such information as the company’s founding and origin. It can also be used internally for employees to get a general idea of the company’s values. In Malaysia, it has an important role as an essential marketing collateral to impress the clients with the status of the company.

Why is a company profile important for a corporation and business?

A company profile describes what makes your company unique. It automatically differentiates your brand because no other company has the exact same founding story and reason for existing that your business does. If you are seeking to attract an extraordinary business opportunity, embracing the assistance of a professional business/industry profile writing service provider can erase your worries. In this ever-changing era, the business world has changed so much that business administration graduates are taught to get the corporate profiles of at least three suppliers for comparison to ensure value-for-money procurement! The right company profile writing techniques can maximize the credibility of your organization. Before you create a company profile, it is important for you to consider a few vital tips. It includes the following:

  • Complete creativity to build up the public image
  • Updating the corporate information
  • Keeping the information precise
  • Selecting the right platform
  • Aiming to attract the target audiences
  • Listing all your focused objectives

How frequent to update a company profile?

While updates can be made to the Company Profile at any time, you are expected to verify and update the information on an annual basis. Regular updates help ensure you can share the most accurate information with your potential customers. In some cases, you might not accept changes if we believe they’re inaccurate.

How to craft a company profile?

Many company profiles include a brief story of the company's founding. You can format this information into a timeline or write a short paragraph that gives more insight into the motivations for creating the company. You can include the company's founding date and location in this area of the company profile.

Below are 11 steps show you how to craft a company profile professionally.

1. Identify a purpose for the profile

Before everything, you need to set the purpose to introduce your company with the necessary details or to approach sales. Also, set your target audience with a better message.

  • Company status and values: Write the business profile to recruit investors or engage customers, you can include language that describes the company's values.
  • Business performance: You can also use the company profile as an opportunity to describe the company's performance, including its revenue.
  • Value of products: Especially if you're writing a company profile for investors, you can use the profile as an opportunity to demonstrate the products' value among the company's target audience.
  • Target audience: The message of the content should be directional to the right target audience.

2. Select a design direction, style and format for the company profile?

You can decide on the design direction, style, and print type of the profile. This can help you organize information in a way that's easy to read and appealing to readers. One popular choice for company profile formatting is to use a series of subheadings, and sections to organize information.

  • Theme: Make sure your theme inherits the brand identity using coloring, shape, image type, and font type.
  • Style: There are many styles that can be used from fancy, corporate, classic, vintage, elegant, minimalist, etc. Explore and use the best to wrap up your company profile with the preferred style.
  • Format: Most of the company profile's format is in a booklet, especially in Malaysia's market. But there are various formats that suit minimal contents such as brochures (2-panel, 3-panel, 4-panel) and folder formats.

3. Organization chart

Another type of information you can incorporate into a company profile is its organization chart, including:

  • Company Structure: In the organization chart, you can highlight how teams and departments are organized, the reporting relationships across the organization, and every individual's role and responsibilities.
  • Diversity statistics: If the company is committed to diversity, it can include statistics for the racial, age, and gender makeup of its employees and discuss goals and strategies for improving these statistics.

4. Include the company's mission statement

In the next section of the company profile, you can include the company's mission statement. A mission statement describes the purpose and values of a company. Here are elements of a strong mission statement:

  • Target audience: A strong mission statement describes the key consumer market the company targets.
  • Product or service: Mission statements also can make clear what product or service the company offers.
  • Distinction: Lastly, a mission statement can describe what makes its product unique in its market.

5. Write about the company's background and history

Most company profiles include a brief story of the company's founding. You can format this information into milestones, and background, or write a short paragraph that gives more insight into the motivations for creating the company. You can include the company's founding date and location in this area of the company profile.

6. Describe products and services

Besides brief info on the business nature, you also can present your products or services with brief details. This can be an exhaustive list, a summary of the company's top-selling products, or a broader description of the types of products the company sells.

7. Financial information

If the main audience for the company profile is investors, you can also include a section in the profile for the company's financial information, including the following:

  • Financial targets: Including the company's goals in the profile can show investors the company's executives and management are motivated to boost revenue.
  • Strategies: In addition to financial goals, a company profile can also show companies' plans for achieving those goals.
  • Past performance: You can also include the past performance of your company in the profile to demonstrate the company's track record.

8. Show the recognition & awards

In the next section of the profile, you can list or describe the awards and other recognition to proudly show what the company has earned. This can help you use the company profile to demonstrate the company's value and prestige in its industry and community.

9. Include testimonials

It's optional to include a testimonials section from customers or employees in your company profile. This can help you show the company delivers a positive culture to employees or satisfaction to customers. It's good to display the official testimonials and the simple quotes from the ones about their experience with the company, along with their names and titles.

10. Include contact information

You can include the company name, website, and contact information. This allows readers to perform more research into the company. If you're writing the profile for potential investors, this can also ensure they have a way to contact someone at the company about funding.

11. Exclusive hard-copy for your company profile

Once everything is confirmed, You can move on to the printing. You can choose special paper and special finishings such as Spot UV, matt lamination, gloss UV, etc to stand out your company profile to be more exclusive.

A Few Company Profile Examples to Inspire You

There are many different styles you can use to design a company profile. Having a nice design doesn't mean perfect, you need to study and understand what personality, character, and style suit your company and industry the best. Below are some of our company profile designs that could inspire you.

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