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Henz Studio

We are a creative studio & graphic design company which has more than 15 years of experience covers Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Penang & other states in Malaysia. We focus on a wide variety of design-oriented projects from Print Media Design (company profile, brochure, catalogue, leaflet...), Corporate Web Design, photography, and printing in full-stack development.

About Henz
Web design and print media design

Web & Print Design

Our one-stop design solution provides design services for websites, print design & other collateral under the same theme...

Visual Identity

Corporate Identity

Corporate identity design is an identity design solution that perfectly bundles and leads all marketing kits such as...

Corporate Identity Design
Over 15 years of experience in design line and industry

HENZ Experience

We have more than 15 years in the design line as our enjoyable journey along with our passion for art and design...

Why Henz

Corporate Design Servicesfor Company Profile, Brochure, Catalogue, Website, Photography...

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We are so glad to work with HENZ studio this time. We truly appreciate their creative and attention to detail throughout the entire process.
Thanks you so much for doing a great job!

Testimonial from STS Group

STS Group
of Companies

Angeline Song, Director / STS Group

Henz Studio has an overall very committed team who are always trying their best to accommodate their clients’ requests; what makes them different from others is their willingness to listen and voice out their professional opinions to clients, which has undoubtedly enhanced the original ideas we had and made it even better. Other reasons for the high recommendation would evidently be their patience and quick to act qualities!

Munchy's Testimonial

Jessica Loretta

GM, Human Resource & Administration / Munchy's

Henz Studio had successfully delivered the final design, cleverly highlightling Munchy's signature "CHEEKY FUN" element, while ensuring all corporate information are clearly communicated in the profile. We have no hesitation to recommend the services of Henz Studio to anyone who requires them.
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Kathrine Kwa's Testimonial

Kathrine Kwa

Baking Guru, Founder / kathrinekwa.com

Dear Henz Studio,
Thanks for your nice art work!
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Testimonial from gourmessa

Mavis Law

Export Manager
Gourmessa Sdn Bhd

It was a pleasure working together with Henz Studio, the team did a great job in delivering the idea of our new company’s profile’s design. The top commendable qualities of the Henz Studio have been very fast responsive with the impressive design idea and ability to stick to timelines was excellent. I truly felt they worked diligently on our design work and put in the level of focus and thought that I’d expect from a professional organization. Always looking forward to work together with Henz Studio on future projects.

Testimonial from SPR Energy

Kin Seng Choo

SPR Energy (M) Sdn Bhd

It was a pleasure working with Henz Studio. They were very responsive throughout the entire process and were easy to work with online and face to face. We are extremely satisfied with the product and would not hesitate to continue working with them in the future. Many thanks to the team at Henz for a great looking website.

Testimonial from Cari.com.my

David Hong

General Manager / Cari.com.my

I consider Henz Studio is a top notch web design company. Their design service is very pro that puts the customer first. The service is superb, fast, creative and accurate. They are simply the best guys to work with all around.